VUZF University is the first private university specialized in the area of finance, insurance and social insurance, management and marketing. The university was founded by Resolution of the National Assembly dated 25.07.2002 (Prom. In the “State Newspaper” issue 75/02.08.2002) for the training of students in a Bachelor degree economic specialization and opens its doors to its first students at the beginning of the 2002/2003 academic year.

VUZF University received institutional accreditation from the Accreditation commettee of National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency – NEAA, by Protocol № 11/27.03.2008 and program accreditation for “Economics” professional field from the Standing Committee on Economic Sciences and Management with NEAA, by Protocol № 103/09.06.2009, for the period of six years.
In May 2014 the institutional accreditation was extended from the Accreditation commettee of NEAA for the period of six years, by Protocol № 9/08.05.2014.



























JSIC OZK-Insurance AD (previously known as Municipal Insurance Company AD) was established in 1996 with a majority shareholder Sofia Municipality. In 2008, the municipality share was subject to privatization.

The activity of OZK-Insurance is subject to the control of the Financial Supervision Commission. The Company deals in insurance in the sphere of general insurance and has obtained license for 12 types of insurance policies.

The Company is a member of the two professional organizations in Bulgaria: The Association of the Bulgarian Insurers (ABI) and the National Bureau of Bulgarian Motor Insurers (NBBMI)

The up-to-date core capital of the company is BGN 7 507 329 and complies with the requirements of the current legislation regarding the capital of a company carrying on general insurance.

Based on the obtained license, OZK-Insurance develops various insurance products, doing its best to respond adequately and in due time to the needs and specific requirements of its customers. This includes not only signing insurance policies, but also advising about the most suitable package for each customer,combined with a guarantee for competent, quick and correct damage removal in case of inflicted damages and providing the contracted compensations.

OZK-Insurance has a network of 68 branches all over the country. Over 1500 brokers and agents also belong to our distribution network.OZK-Insurance has a significant market penetration in all segments.

Our customers include central and local authorities, higher educational institutions, large corporate clients, including financial institutions, representatives of the small and middle-sized business, as well as natural persons. In the past years, the market share and the premium income of the Company grew sustainably and at present, the Company has established itself as a leader in the insurance of public state and municipal property.

The Company reviews its insurance program based on analyses of the insurance portfolio and the development of the contracts in previous years annually. We place our contracts through brokers and at reinsurers with whom OZK-Insurance has been cooperating for many years and has well-established relations, based on mutual trust. The reinsurance contracts abroad are placed through the mediation of leading English reinsurance brokers,with leading reinsurers.

The future belongs to the Intelligent Enterprises – committed to a certain cause, based on knowledge, implementing innovations both in technology and business models. They are all linked in a dynamic system, analytic and flexible, with satisfied and motivated teams that learn and grow in a sustainable business ecosystem.

Enabling our customers to undertake a transition towards an Intelligent Enterprise, providing them with a cognitive software platform for intelligent workflow transformation and information management, for a better world.

In the technologies used to develop Sirma’s software we integrate the essence of the human thought – perception, interpretation, prediction and decision-making, in order to help companies gain competitive advantage and utilize the artificial intelligence for business benefits. Our products and solutions enable business in:

  • Handling exponential data growth
  • Allowing adaptive business processes
  • Breaking down silos – We provide holistic 360⁰ access to data from variety of data sources (internal & external) and turn it into valuable information, relationships and patterns.
  • Turning text into things – Automatically processing large volumes of textual information to identify its relevance and to deliver it in context for analysis. Blend information derived from text and data for synergistic and pro-active decisions and operations.
  • Extract valuable information from hidden data – Our cognitive algorithms mine information from sources like video, images, IoT data.
  • Modeling, not coding – Using the language and knowledge of the business experts to define the behavior of information systems and deliver business value gradually in an agile manner.
  • Embracing complexity – Adequately representing interrelations and knowledge structures; utilizing machine learning and intelligence to proactively enhance human capabilities.
  • Enabling meaningful collaboration for the synergy of group intelligence.

Euroins Insurance Group

Euroins Insurance Group (EIG) is one of the largest independent insurance groups operating in the CEE and SEE insurance markets. The company is focused on providing a full range of insurance products in the areas of general, health and life insurance. Bulgaria-based group operates in 7 European countries, Russia and Ukraine.ΕIG has subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Romania, FYROM and Ukraine.

Euroins Bulgaria is the first company offering cyber insurance on the Bulgarian insurance market since 2014.

Euroins Insurance Group (EIG) has over 2.5 million clients and 1800 employees. In 2017, the international credit rating agency Fitch assigned Euroins Romania, the largest company within EIG, an insurer financial strength (IFS) rating of ‘BB-‘ with stable outlook. EIG is a subsidiary of Eurohold Bulgaria – a leading Bulgarian company, listed on BSE-Sofia and WSE. Eurohold Bulgaria operates across the CEE and SEE, focused on non-banking financial services and asset management.


Generali is a major player in the global insurance industry – a strategic and highly important sector for the growth, development and welfare of modern societies.

Over almost 200 years, we have built a multinational group that is present in more than 60 countries, with 470 companies and nearly 80,000 employees. Our group aims to become the standard bearer and industry leader in the European retail insurance market, building on our existing base of 50 million retail clients, out of an overall total of 72 million.

In recent years we have been through a major strategic reorganisation that has allowed us to bring in greater focus on our core business, greater discipline in the management of our assets, and simpler, more transparent governance. This process has led us into a new phase, based on more efficient business models, innovative commercial strategies, and a stronger, more global brand.

We are also deeply engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility – a commitment rooted that is in our work as insurers, but that also goes beyond our business vocation.

  • Central Cooperative Bank Plc. is a universal commercial bank, belonging to the financial structure of CCB Group EAD. Together with the remaining companies, the Bank comprises the full array of products and services in the field of financial intermediation, with an emphasis on SME lending and retail banking.
  • As a universal commercial bank CCB Plc offers an array of financial products and services,which correspond to the competitive requirements of the dynamically changing market environment. The Bank constantly strives to deploy the spectrum of financial intermediation and works hard to create new and develop the known products and services.
  • Central Cooperative Bank Plc. is an indirect member of EBA STEP2 SCT and a direct member of TARGET2.
  • The Bank is an indirect member of International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc – ISDA.
  • The Bank is a full member of MasterCard Europe and Visa International, offers the Maestro and MasterCard cards and the family of Visa cards.
  • CCB Plc has a licence to carry out transactions as an investment intermediary on the Bulgarian capital market, acting on its behalf and its expense, as well as at the expense of its clients.
  • CCB Plc is a primary dealer of government securities on the Bulgarian domestic market.
  • The Bank provides an easy access to all range of its products via a well-developed branch network, offering quick and modern solutions to its customers. At present the Bank has 266 branches and offices all over the country and abroad, which are subject to constant optimization with the aim of maximum efficiency.
  • CCB Plc maintains good relationships with a number of correspondent banks, improving the business contacts with them. The Bank has 360 correspondents and 22 Nostro accounts, as well as a number of lines for documentary operations for various amounts and trade finance for the import of investment products, made in EU. Through the MM and FX limits, the Bank maintains the wide spectrum of the offered products and consulting services.
  • CCB is an agent of the Western Union international money transfer system, which products and services are offered at 242 branches and offices of CCB Plc in 129 settlements across the country.
  • CCB Plc is a full member of the European Association of Cooperative Banks, and the International Cooperative Banking Association.


Customer Care – The company policy is focused on implementation of high quality standards in customer services; it aims to exceed the customer expectations by prompt and accurate underwriting and adequate and timely claims settlement; to develop its distribution channels in order to be closer to the customers, to provide flexible and timely decisions by client-orientated insurance products. Professionalism in our work – The company relies on competence and precision in its work to gain and retain the confidence of its clients. Business ethics – Leading principles in our relations with colleagues and partners are the compliance with the ethical standards, responsibility and loyalty and team spirit, active presence in the insurance market in the country.

A different „new” development of Armeec Jsc started in the year 2002, when Chimimport AD became a majority shareholder in the company. At present Armeec is already an established and preferred brand in the Bulgarian market.

The objectives followed by Armeec Jsc throughout the years are to develop outperforming the market and maintain the portfolio diversification and financial stability of the company. Our principle is that each problem can be solved, that business ethics is obligatory, and the formula of our success is “a clear and correct definition of objectives and motivation of the team”.

In the performance of its business activities Armeec Jsc persistently and strictly observes the following principles and rules:

  • Honesty and integrity– adherence to the legal and ethical standards in the performance of our duties and obligations;
  • Competence and professionalism – high-quality services provided by qualified, dedicated and motivated employees;
  • Innovation and effectiveness – prompt and successful identification of customer needs and meeting their requirements.

    Пенсионноосигурителна компания “Съгласие” АД e учредена и вписана в Търговския регистър на 09.05.1995 г. До 1999 г. Компанията работи само в сферата на допълнителното доброволно пенсионно осигуряване като управлява Доброволен пенсионен фонд “Съгласие”. Доброволното пенсионно осигуряване се осъществява чрез пенсионни схеми на капиталов принцип на базата на дефинираните вноски. Този вид пенсионна схема е заложена и в специалния закон, приет по-късно. По това време в Доброволен пенсионен фонд “Съгласие” осигуряват своите работници и служители редица финансови институции, фирми от сферата на производството, както и отделни физически лица с лични вноски. През 1996 год. Компанията е един от учредителите на Българската асоциация на дружествата за допълнително пенсионно осигуряване.
    За периода 1998г. – 1999г. ПОК“Съгласие”АД активно участва в разглеждането на проекта за специален закон за доброволно пенсионно осигуряване. През юли 1999 г. Народното събрание прие Закон за допълнително доброволно пенсионно осигуряване, който регламентира дейността на пенсионноосигурителните дружества, осигуряването във фондовете за допълнително доброволно осигуряване и създаването на Държавната агенция за осигурителен надзор с оглед институционализиране на държавното регулиране в сферата на допълнителното пенсионно осигуряване в страната. В края на 1999 г. се прие Кодекс за задължително обществено осигуряване, който регламентира осигуряването в универсални и професионални пенсионни фондове, управлявани от пенсионноосигурителните дружества. До средата на 2000 г. бе изградена и започна да функционира Държавната агенция за осигурителен надзор, която осъществяваше функциите по лицензирането и надзора върху дейността на лицензираните пенсионноосигурителни дружества и на управляваните от тях фондове за допълнително пенсионно осигуряване.На 01.03.2003 год. се създаде Комисията за финансов надзор,в която се съсредоточиха надзорните функции, изпълнявани от съществуващите дотогава държавни структури за надзор върху небанковите финансови институции в т.ч. и на Държавната агенция за осигурителен надзор.

    През юли 2003 год. бяха приети изменения и допълнения в законовата уредба и цялостната дейност по социално осигуряване в т.ч. и по допълнително пенсионно осигуряване е регламентирана в Кодекса за социално осигуряване.
    На 21.09.2000 г. с Решение №1 на Съвета по допълнително социално осигуряване ПОК “Съгласие” АД получи лиценз за извършване на дейност по допълнително пенсионно осигуряване. За периода 2000 г. – 2010 г. ПОК“Съгласие” АД изгради мрежа от осигурителни посредници. Развитието на дейността по допълнително пенсионно осигуряване, осъществявана от ПОК “Съгласие”АД, може да се илюстрира посредством динамиката на нетните активи на фондовете, управлявани от Компанията, и нарастването на броя на осигурените лица през годините.

CCB-Sila Pension Provision JSC was established in February 1994. The company is the first provider on the market for supplementary pension provision in the country. With over 24 years of experience “CCB-Sila” has established its reputation of a reliable and trustworthy partner in the area of pension provision.

To 2001 the Company developed its voluntary pension provision operations in their two forms: individual pension provision, under individual contracts with personal contributions from the insured persons and pension provision under contract with employer, which pays employer’s contributions for its employees. Simultaneously with this started the payment of pensions. From 1996 the Company started payment of lifelong pensions.

After the ratification of the new law – the Social Security Code in 2000, the Company got license for supplementary pension provision №8/26.10.2000, issued by the Financial Supervision Commission and published in the State gazette №90/2000, and started developing the mandatory pension provision.

“CCB-Sila” is a founder-member of the Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Security Companies.

The Company manages three licensed funds for supplementary pension provision, which operate on the fully funded principle:

  • Universal pension fund – for employees, born after December 31, 1959, which are insured in the Public social security;
  • Professional pension fund – for people employed under the 1st and 2nd labour category (hazardous conditions of labour), provides for a fixed-period early-retirement occupational pension;
  • Voluntary pension fund – for supplementary voluntary pension through personal and/or employer’s contributions.

As per December 31, 2017 within the managed by “CCB-Sila” PPJSC pension funds 420245 persons are insured and the sum of net assets reached BGN 1,196 billion.*

Shareholders of “CCB-Sila” PРJSC are: “CCB GROUP” EAD, “Invest Capital” JSC, Oil and Gas Exploration and Production” Plc, “International Asset Bank” AD, “LUKOIL-Bulgaria” EOOD, “LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas” AD, Bulgarian Union of Teachers, NSF Metal-Electro” and others.

Custodian Bank of the pension funds managed by the Company is “United Bulgarian Bank” AD, which was approved as a custodian by the Bulgarian National Bank and the Financial Supervision Commission.

* Data are from the FSC website (

Registered address: Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, 141 Todor Alexandrov Blvd.

UIC: 175027521

Telephone: (+359 2) 903 5640



Date of establishment: 9 February 2006

Number and date of the licence issued by the Financial Supervision Commission: № 79-УД of 1

February 2006.

Registered and paid-in capital: BGN 300,000

Country of origin: the country of origin of the Texim Asset Management EAD is the Republic of Bulgaria.

“Texim Asset Management” EAD  is solely owned by “Texim Bank” AD.