Professor in the Utrecht University, the Netherlands, lawyer in pension law

Prof. Dr. H. van Meerten, (1974) is a professor International Pension Law at Utrecht University and a lawyer at Westerbrink and Coupry. He deals with EU (Pension) Law and national and international pension pooling structures.

Hans has extensive knowledge of the various aspects of EU-legislation and processes. One of his special areas of expertise is the EU and Dutch-legislation regarding pensions and the cross-border activities of financial institutions.

In 2008- 2010, Hans co-wrote the legislation regarding a new Dutch pension fund, the Premium Pension Institution (PPI). This institution has a European IORP passport and can freely offer its services throughout the EU and non-EU countries. Hans was also involved in the Brussels negotiations on the Services Directive and the Solvency II Directive. He was also closely involved in the EU Treaty negotiations of Nice and the European Constitution.

Hans publishes regularly in (inter-) national journals on EU Law, retirement, financial legislation and supervision:

He studied Dutch, European and International law at the Free University of Amsterdam and the LMU in Munich (1993 – 1999). He obtained his Ph.D. in European law in 2004.

Specialties: EU Law, IORP, PPI, APF,Solvency II