VUZF – Moderator Panel 1

Assoc. Prof. Stanislav Dimitrov teaches Financial managementManagement of Pension CompanyCorporate and occupational pension fundssince 2009 at VUZF University. He holds Master degree in Finance from the UNWE and defended in 2008 his PhD thesis “Evaluation of a pension insurance company”. He has over 40 scientific publications and he is the author of books on “Corporate Finance” and “Organization and Management of Pension Company”. Since 2013 he is associate professor at VUZF. In the past 18 years he undertook management positions in companies, related to life insurance, non-life insurance, pension security, including Pension Insurance Company Saglasie AD, Pension Insurance Company DSK-Rodina AD, Life insurance company Sogelife, insurance brokers and the Management Council of the Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Security Companies. Since 2011, he is the CEO of Life insurance company Saglasie AD. He is member of the Life insurance commission and Finance commission within the Association of Bulgarian Insurers. He is chair of Corporate Finance Club at VUZF. Currently he is scientific advisor of three doctoral candidates at VUZF. He is a member of the International Business Academy and the Academic Council at VUZF University.