Vice-rector for education and quality management, VUZF – Master of ceremony

Virginia Zhelyazkova is associate professor and vice-rector for education and quality management at VUZF University since 2013. She teaches various subjects in finance, banking, and risk management.

She obtained her PhD in 2010 the field of international economics from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences with advisor Prof. Dr. Rossitsa Rangelova, and thesis topic “Economic Effects from the Price Dynamics of Crude Oil”. She has Master degree in International Economics and Bachelor degree in International Relations from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia.

Dr. Virginia Zhelyazkova is an author of a number of publications on subjects related to the financial aspects of circular economy, green banking, climate change, and environmental risk management. She is the author of two monographs, “Circular economy. Financial Aspects” (2017), and “Climate Change and Environmental Risk Management for Financial Institutions” (2013).

In parallel to her academic career, since 2006 she has been working for Postbank, one of the leading commercial banks in Bulgaria. In the period 2006-2013 she was responsible for budgeting, control and project coordination, and since 2011 she also undertook the position of Environmental Officer in charge of the operational implementation of the environmental policy of the Bank.